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General Requirements

Grantlea Downs has an enrolment scheme which to some extent restricts enrolment immediately if you live outside the school zone. If you live within the school zone (description and map available from the school office) then you have an automatic right to enrolment. If you live outside the school zone please discuss your situation with the Principal, Richard Kidd, Telephone 684 7706, as some restrictions apply. 

New Entrants - 5 year olds

Children are entitled to begin school on their fifth birthday. It is normal to have pre-enrolled your child at a school before they are five but it is not a requirement. 

Enrolments for children enrolling at five must be accompanied by their birth certificate and immunisation details.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Information Booklet

A specific information booklet is available at the Grantlea Downs office.

Enrolments - other than 5 year olds

A Grantlea Downs enrolment form must be completed and signed prior to beginning school. Previous school records will be requested from the previous school by our administration staff.

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