In 2005 Grantlea School merged with Seadown School to become Grantlea Downs. This resulted from an Area Review which focused on rationalizing the educational facilities in South Canterbury.

Grantlea School first began on the site in 1959 as Timaru began to grow to the north. Seadown School has a considerably longer history, having provided education in the area since 1890. The merger of the two schools has been a harmonious one with both communities being fully committed to the continued success of a school on the Grants Road site.

The school has a healthy roll of between 320 and 350 students. While somewhat hidden from the road, the school boasts the largest primary school playground and site in the South Canterbury district. This reflects our strong focus and commitment to sport and recreational activities.

The school on the Grantlea site has grown considerably over the last twenty four years from 98 in 1997 to our current size. This we believe is reflective of the excellent education we are providing which is verified in our recent ERO reports. We are fortunate that at Grantlea Downs all people involved are working positively for the benefit of students and their education. We enjoy very harmonious relationships between staff, Board of Trustees, parents and Home and School, hence everyone's energy is being channeled in the same direction.

We regularly receive praise from various people who complement our students on their behaviour and conduct outside school. The community is proud of its school and every effort is made to encourage participation and involvement.