Reporting to Parents

A positive home and school partnership is essential if we are to ensure students are getting a quality education. We have reviewed our systems to ensure parents have regular opportunities to engage with the school and receive important information.

The following are opportunities for parents to be involved in their child's learning and to receive updates on their progress at school.

  • Fortnightly newsletters: packed with information about student achievement and what is happening within the school (paper copy goes home every second Wednesday and also posted to this website).

  • Syndicate newsletters: sent out in Week 1 of each term, with information specific to  the year group your child is in.

  • School facebook page: this is used to promote student achievement, issue reminders of upcoming events, and make announcements (such as postponements or cancellations).

  • School website: this site gives you access to a range of information regarding the school.

  • School picnic: usually held at the beginning of the year, this is a great way to meet the class teachers and other parents.

  • School celebrations: these are advertised in the newsletter or notes home, and usually revolve around Topic Work children have completed during the term.

  • School Assemblies: held once a fortnight, Fridays at 2.15 in the school hall (check Term Calendar for specific dates).

  • Parent / Teacher interviews: held during Terms 1 and 3. Term 1 is around goal setting, Term 3 is around student progress.

  • School reports: these are sent out mid and end year, and include comments in key curriculum areas and student progress against national expectations.